TDI TEK Professional Courses in Komodo

Dive Beyond Limits: Experience the Ultimate TEK Adventure in Komodo

Welcome to a world of unparalleled underwater exploration at Dragon Dive Komodo, where we specialize in two cutting-edge diving categories: Rebreather Courses and Tek TDI Courses. Our Rebreather Courses offer an exceptional opportunity to extend your dive time, reduce noise and get closer to marine life, making each dive a unique and serene experience. Meanwhile, our Tek TDI Courses are designed for those seeking to push the boundaries of traditional diving, exploring deeper and further with advanced technical training. Both paths promise an adventure that takes your diving skills to new heights, guided by our team of experienced instructors in the breathtaking waters of Komodo.

The rebreather TDI Course

Unleash silent exploration in Komodo! Our TDI Rebreather Courses unlock extended dives and closer encounters with marine life. Novice or pro, elevate your diving to serene depths. Expert instructors & cutting-edge tech await. Dive deeper, transform your adventure.

The rebreather TDI Course

Dive into the future of underwater exploration with our TDI Rebreather Courses at Dragon Dive Komodo. These courses offer a revolutionary way to experience diving, providing longer bottom times and a closer interaction with the marine world in silence. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced diver, our TDI Rebreather Courses are designed to elevate your diving adventures to new, serene depths. Learn from our expert instructors and embrace the cutting-edge of diving technology. Ready to transform your diving experience?

TEK TDI Open Circuit Course

Embark on a thrilling journey with our TEK TDI Open Circuit Course at Dragon Dive Komodo. This course is the gateway to extreme diving, where you’ll learn to navigate the depths beyond conventional limits. Tailored for the adventurous diver, our program covers advanced techniques and skills necessary for open circuit technical diving. Guided by experienced instructors, you’ll gain the proficiency to explore deeper wrecks, pristine reefs, and unseen underwater landscapes. Are you ready to push your diving boundaries?