Five Reasons to become a scuba diver: You should get your diving certification.

Five reasons you should get your diving certification to make your life more fun!

Do something exciting, become a certified diver!

Even though all the diving gear may seem complicated, the only thing you can be sure of is that when you’re in the water, you don’t think about anything but being amazed and relaxing.

First of all, to become a scuba diver, you will need to complete a scuba diving certification course. This typically involves completing classroom and pool training, as well as open water dives. The course will teach you the basic skills and knowledge needed to dive safely, including the proper use of diving equipment, dive planning, and emergency procedures. Once you have completed the course and passed the certification exam, you will be certified to dive to a specific depth with a diving buddy. Several certifying agencies, such as PADI, SSI, NAUI, etc. It is recommended to choose one and complete the course with a certified instructor.

Here are five reasons I hope will convince you to jump into the deep end as we did!

Learning to dive is so much easier than you think.

Granted, setting up the equipment is intimidating initially, but it’s straightforward to set up. So easy that PADI allows diving from the age of 8.

A beginner’s dive course that follows the major diver training agencies such as CMAS, FFESSM, PADI, SSI, or NAUI usually takes between 4 and 5 days. During this time, you will learn all the necessary skills to become a safe diver.

  1. Diving allows you to explore the ocean floor for a more extended period.

If you like snorkelling and freedom, you will love scuba diving. Sure, you’ll have to give up the freedom of movement you enjoy as a snorkeler because of the equipment required for scuba diving. However, in return, you get a considerable amount of time to explore the underwater world.

You’ll appreciate the time and depth you’ll gain from scuba diving and the feeling of being part of this beautiful world.

2. Scuba diving is very relaxing.

There are very few things in life that are as relaxing as a tropical dive in warm waters. Imagine quietly exploring a beautiful reef with its myriad of sparkling coral fish. This is far away and out of reach of everyday life with its demands and problems. You have nothing to listen to but the sound of your breath.

A serious study has shown that diving dissolves stress and has therapeutic virtues. HERE for the article

3. Scuba diving adds a new layer of excitement and adventure to your life

The more you dive, the more you want to discover the underwater world. Soon you will have a list of all the diving places you want to visit and all the fantastic aquatic creatures you would like to meet. Think of diving with manta rays, sharks, whales, dugongs, or even small animals like pygmy seahorses or dancing shrimp.

Being a diver will make your vacation a “scuba diving vacation”, and your choice of destinations will most often be oriented towards discovering the ocean floor. Most of the time, scuba diving destinations that never crossed your mind will be present, like Papua, Belize, Palau, or simply KOMODO. Being a diver will open the doors to unexpected destinations…

4. Scuba diving brings back history.

In all oceans, you will find wrecks that bear witness to their time and, in many cases, tragic reminders of war. The “Thistlegorm” in Egypt, for example, was a British supply ship carrying supplies for British troops when, during World War II, it was hit by a German bomb and sank.

The dive at this site is extraordinary since you can still see trucks, motorcycles, guns and rubber boots, and many other objects of war. The feeling of travelling back to the past is quite an extraordinary phenomenon!

There are also many historical sites submerged underwater, such as “Cleopatra’s Palace”, complete with the Sphinx, which is now immersed in the harbour of Alexandria. Diving into these very unusual places, reminders of a past time, will always send shivers down your spine.

5. Meet new people from all walks of life and worldwide.

One thing you will love about scuba diving is the social “equalizer”. We’re all brought together here by the same passion. No matter where you are, discussions and sharing come naturally, and the divers are people who have been around a lot. It is an excellent source of information for your future trips.

We are located in an endemic reserve with abundant marine life. So come and relax with us in Komodo. The Komodo region is renowned for its spectacular marine life and is home to some of the most diverse and abundant coral reefs and aquatic creatures in the world. With its unique ecosystem, it is the perfect place for divers to explore and observe different types of fish and coral in their natural habitat.

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