Best lights for scuba diving

The best video lights for underwater diving and photographers :

During a dive, ambient light and filters cannot work miracles to counter the absorption of light by the surrounding water. Videographers must rely on one or more submersible lights to restore the underwater world to its true colours and beauty.

There are (too) many options available at the click of a button on the market, and we will try to enlighten you (yes, pun intended) on the most suitable models for your use.

When selecting, it is essential to remember where you will be using the lamp, the present light conditions, and the type of subject envisaged.

Are you going to film in the depths where only a few rays of light reach or close to the surface in clear water? 

It will have a direct effect on the required lumens you will need. As a general rule, it is preferable to use a powerful lamp to harmonise the subject and to increase the rendering of colours and contrast from the scene.

There are many other questions to ask yourself before making your choice, such as:

• Am I going to use the light for wide shots?

• Do I need a spot beam in addition to the light, which can be used as a torch?

• Do I also want a red lamp so as not to scare the more shy creatures?

• Or even less common options such as UV lamps?

Now let’s take a look at the best options available:

Best Video Lights of 2021

Kraken Sports Hydra 3500S+ RGB WRSU

Kraken Hydra 3500S

This light works great in many different situations and has batteries that can be replaced by the videographer directly. As its name suggests, its output of 3500 lumens is ideal for macro and wide shots.

It is also possible to use the lamp in flash mode to take pictures when it is connected to the housing via an optical fiber. Although the flash power is lower than a standard flash, it can be helpful as a 2nd flash. It can be considered a 2-in-1 product.

The lamp can emit nine different colours via various LEDs to create many effects on your subjects.

As an option, it is compatible with the Kraken remote control, which allows you to control the lamp’s power and colour without having to adjust everything on the lamp.

  • 3500 Lumens
  • Option flash de 4500 lumens
  • Color rendering index de 80
  • Température de 5000K
  • Faisceau de 110°
  • 9 couleurs

Kraken Sports Hydra 5000S+ Video Light

Kraken hydra 5000s

The Kraken Sports 5000S+ is a high-performance lamp with a power of 5000 lumens and is homogeneous over the entire beam. We can only recommend this lamp for making wide shots.

It has several lighting modes with a wide beam, narrow beam, red light and UV light.

Just like the previous model, it can be used as a flash via an optical fiber and can be controlled with the optional Kraken remote control.

• 5000 Lumens

• 110° beam

• Several modes available

• Flash mode

• Color Rendering Index of 90

• Autonomy of 70min at full power

Best video lights for macro and/or at a reasonable price

Fisheye Fix Neo Premium 4030F II Video Light

Fisheye Fix Neo Premium 4030

The Fisheye Fix Neo Premium 4030F II has various useful features that make it an excellent option. With an output of 3000 Lumens and a dome, you will get perfectly even lighting with no brighter spots.

It is also effortless and adjustable in 1% increments from 0 to 100%.

This model also has a built-in flash with a fiber optic cable to take photos between videos.

• 3000 Lumens

• 120° beam

• Beam homogeneity

• Flash of 4000 Lumens

• Digital screen to adjust the power with a step of 1%

• Autonomy of 50min

Light & Motion Sola Video 3800 Flood Light

Light and motion 3800

This Light & Motion is a very compact lamp but with a high-quality rendering. With a power of 3800 lumens and a homogeneous beam, it is very ergonomic and easy to use with its unique magnetic slide button and fully sealed body, preventing infiltrations.

it makes it a perfect light for videographers who travel thanks to its size and resistance to outdoor elements, and the power not dropping when the battery goes down.

• 3800 Lumens

• 90° beam (with optional 110° dome)

• Homogeneous beam

• Autonomy of 50 min

Big Blue VTL3500P Video Light

Bigblue VTL3500P

This Big Blue lamp is of good power in a relatively compact format. It is equipped with two different beam sizes, one wide and one narrow, and can be used in macro and wide angles.

Easy to use, it works with a single button which indicates the battery charge according to a colour code around the button. Two seals protect the battery to prevent water infiltration into its compartment. Its big strong point is its autonomy of 90min at full power.

• 3500 Lumens

• 120° beam

• Wide and narrow lighting

• Single button and protection with double seal

• Autonomy of 90min at full power and 15 hours at minimum setting

SeaLife Dragon 5000F Auto Video Light

Sealife Dragon 5000F

The SeaLife Dragon 5000F is compact yet powerful. It delivers 5000 Lumens with an excellent Color Rendering Index of 96. SeaLife produces exclusive LEDs in their lamps that mimic sunlight for increased brightness. Professional quality, its TLCI of 97 allows images to be broadcast without or with a minimum of editing.

• 5000 Lumens

• 120° beam

• CRI of 96

• TLCI of 97

• 220 Lumens red light with an 88° beam

Best Professional Grade Video Lights

Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 15000

light and motiom sola 15 000

The Sola 15000 is made for videographers and photographers who want the best. It produces an impressive 15000 Lumens of power in a small and compact package, and its homogeneous and spotless beam perfectly illuminates the whole scene.

The lamp’s housing is sealed at manufacture to prevent infiltration; therefore, there are no joints to maintain, so the risks are highly reduced.

This lamp can be suitable for wide-angle photos thanks to its power.

• Compact box

• 15000 Lumens

• LED screen

• Autonomy of 3 hours at 2500 Lumens and 8 hours at 1000 Lumens

Keldan Video 8M Modular CRI Video Light

keldan 8M

The Keldan Video 8M emits 8000 Lumens with a good CRI of 96. The front dome and the quality LEDs produce a homogeneous and faithful light compared to daylight.

It works with a single button to adjust the different powers and is waterproof up to 200m for technical dives.

Keldan offers many lamp heads with different colours that can be changed directly by the user.

• 8000 Lumens

• Dome for 90 or 110° included

• CRI of 96

• Temperature of 5600K

• Water resistant to 200m

• Autonomy of 45min at full power and 170min at minimum setting

Best Focus Lights

Light & Motion Sola 1200 Photo Light

Light and motion sola 1200 Photo light

The Sola 1200 is a light, compact, high-end lamp that helps focus. It has a broad white light and a red light with a narrow beam. The body of the lamp is completely sealed to prevent water ingress.

Efficiently operated, it works with a single slide button to turn it on and off

• 1200 Lumens

• 60° white beam and narrow red beam

• Fully sealed body

• Autonomy of 50min at full power

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