shearwater teric dive computer review

review teric shearwater

Is the Shearwater Teric the best diving watch on the market?   After two years and nearly 500 dives, we can give you a REAL survey on this computer for a daily dive operation. All reviews are mostly done within 2 or 3 dives, and you definitely can’t have an excellent opinion on the computer. […]

Top 10 Best Dive sites of Komodo

manta ray komodo

TOP 10 BEST DIVE SITES OF KOMODO It’s impossible to scale a dive site. Some people prefer the big actions with big animals such as Manta or sharks, some love drifting, some like going down and doing a “deep” dive, others love macro photos, and some are just fascinated by the topography. It was very […]

Best compact camera for scuba diving in 2021

best compact scuba diving

Best compact cameras for scuba diving in 2021 How to determine what the best underwater camera is. Features to look for: A compact camera is defined as a camera with a fixed lens that cannot be changed. To select the best compact underwater camera, it is essential to choose a camera that can be manually […]

Best reflex dive camera in 2021

best reflex dive camera

Guide to the best SLR cameras of 2021 for scuba diving Although hybrid cameras are of excellent quality, the old standards are still resisting and have outstanding arguments to defend themselves and remain at the top in 2021. Whether it is for the quality of the images (although the gap is gradually closing), the choice […]

Best scuba diving equipment deals

dive equipment best deal online

BEST DEAL ONLINE FOR SCUBA DIVING EQUIPMENT During covid 19, we were able to track and check the best prices for scuba diving material. All of them are referral links to support us but also to guarantee the best price we found. All the articles you will find is linked to a blog we made. […]

Dive computers Buyer’s Guide 2021

Dive computers Buyer’s Guide 2021

Dive computers Buyer’s Guide There are so many variants, colors, screen types, brands that we are starting to get confused about the choice of dive computers available on the market. Should we succumb to the eternal “big players in the diving industry,” or should we let ourselves be tempted by the start-ups… here is a […]

diving lamp how to choose

diving lamp how to choose (1)

  Choosing the right dive light   To restore their magnificent colors to corals and fish, or to orientate yourself during night dives or in caves or wrecks, you must find a way to illuminate your surroundings. Whether day or night, a suitable dive light is always helpful. There are many models and a wide […]

Padi Drift Dive : Courses

padi drift dive course komodo

  Drift diving – Move without moving   Have you always dreamed of flying? Do you love spending time underneath the surface? A perfect solution is there for you: drift diving. Let yourself be carried by the current and relax. On these dives, the only thing you need to do is relax and enjoy the […]

Mandarin fish

mandarin fish1 2

The beautiful Mandarinfish The Mandarindish (Synchiropus splendidus) is a photographer’s dream. Very shy and difficult to observe, it is one of the most beautiful fish that can be found in our oceans. Specifications  of mandarin fish Mandarin Fish belongs to the dragonet family. They measure up to 6-7cm and have a lifespan in their natural […]

Truk Lagoon – Wreck heaven

truk lagoon - wreck heaven

  Lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Truk Lagoon is a place like no other in the world. Although everything looks peaceful from the surface, once you pass the surface it becomes a different world. It is a paradise for divers who love rust or history. The calm and protected waters of the […]