Cunca Wulang Waterfall & RANGKO CAVE

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Cunca Wulang Waterfall Canyon, located 30km east of Labuan Bajo and nestled in a tropical rainforest setting, is one of Flores’ most striking spots for outdoor activities. Impressive waterfalls cascade into beautiful freshwater pools, leading to a series of smaller waterfalls and rivers just a few kilometers downstream. The area is also home to some good hiking and swimming spots. One such medium-impact hike takes you to Cunca Wulang from Wersawe Village; a route that is framed by idyllic rice fields in various stages of their planting and harvesting cycle. Vanilla, coffee, candlenut, and cacao can also be seen along the trail; the final, steepest part of the trek leads you through a section of the lush tropical rainforest.

cunca wulang labuan bajo
cunca wulang

Rangko cave

Rangko Cave is located in Rangko village near Labuan Bajo. Rangko Cave is a limestone cave with a natural blue pool inside. It’s a hidden gem in Labuan Bajo. The best lighting comes at 2.30 pm and fades from 3.30 pm onwards. During those ‘golden hours’, the sun shines through the mouth of the cave, hits the surface of the clear blue seawater inside, and illuminates the whole cave with a greenish-blue glow. 

rangko cave
rangko cave