As you may guess, most of the guests visit because of the diving facilities and instructors, however Flores has several things to supply.


You just would like some patience to urge to the places, several roads area unit still wild. for example, with our scooter we tend to had to cross a shallow watercourse to continue our journey. it had been seriously a vicinity of the road.


And you ought to be willing to discount} for a decent rental price, Indonesian rules.


Just raise on the reception for tips about affordable costs, they’re going to assist you out.


Hop on a ship trip around Komodo Islands.


That is one amongst the most attraction for folks staying at Komodo. there’s several corporations doing boat journeys with skin-dive or simply for enjoying obtaining lost around lovely islands with clear waters.


Wanna see a pink beach? Snorkel with turtles, and even manta ray? That’s your likelihood.


Here is our list of best things to try and do in Labuan Bajo and Komodo. this is often our Komodo Island travel guide, if you will:


1. Take associate island tour, but…

So many tours to decide on from…


and there’s not one reliable on-line resource we will share. (if you recognize any, please share it with us!)


The easiest associated most reliable thanks to notice an island tour in Komodo is asking the workers the Dragon Dive. they’re happy to help!


Komodo Island Tour


2. Go Diving

Now, that’s a must-do!


As mentioned, you’ll be able to get diving courses directly at the hostel. they need their own pool for your 1st breath below water.


Get ready. They say, you always remember your 1st breath below water.


Learn to Dive within the Dive Resorts Komdo


Beauty of the Ocean – a turtle enjoying its waters


3. Rent a Scooter and visit a falls


There area unit various waterfalls around Labuan Bajo.

Some locals provide to bring you to those waterfalls. If you’re not snug driving a scooter, that’s associate possibility.


4. Admire the landscape

You can conjointly go North of Labuan Bajo for a hike or with the scooter. The landscape is superb. simply bring some water and select it. we tend to beloved it!


Photogenic Landscape of Labuan Bajo


5. Take photos

Bring a camera! No, wait…bring an excellent camera!


Komodo, Labuan Bajo, Flores and land generally is extraordinarily attractive.


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6. Visit Pink Beach

The only actual pink beach we tend to found was in Komodo.


We would like to tell you the precise name, however we tend to couldn’t resolve its name, nor location. we tend to went there on our three days trip to Komodo Island.