1. We follow PADI’s Eight Simple COVID-19 Reduction Steps for Divers.

  2. We follow Indonesian law and government directives and update our policies based on changes as they develop.
  3.  We encourage you to bring your own:
    1. mask or buff (a buff also doubles as essential sun protection & windbreaker)
    2. hand sanitizer
    3. water bottle (Dragon Dive silicone/Aluminium bottles are also available for purchase at the resort)
    4. Hat & Sunscreen (for your locker)
    5. pen (we love our paperwork!)
  4. It requires everyone to wash their hands upon entry to the resort – we have a dedicated place for it!
  5. Upon arrival, we will give you a full briefing of all the Covid protection procedures in place here at Dragon Dive Komodo. These are for your safety and peace of mind, and our own.
  6. Our restaurant rules are in line with those set out by the Indonesian government.
  7. We position our tables to allow for social distancing.
  8. Our housekeeping staff are provided with PPE and have received thorough training on cleaning & disinfection methods to avoid contamination issues.
  9. Our reception area has been reduced, is disinfected regularly, and we provide hand sanitizer at the desk. Weather permitting, we encourage as much interaction as possible to be done outside in the fresh air, by the pool – with the glorious garden view.
  10. We have trained our dive operations staff to both PADI and DAN International standards regarding dive gear usage, disinfection, and storage.
  11. We have always had a small group policy, but to implement social distancing we have further reduced the number of people on our boats, with everybody spaced out as much as possible. If a group is traveling together, we will manage this according to the regulation.
  12. During the boat launch, everyone must wear a face covering (mask or buff).
  13. We offer water and snacks in individual containers (such as bananas).
  14. Where possible gear sets are individual, and the client keeps the same set for the duration of their stay. After diving, the client cleans the gear in the nominated areas where disinfectant and fresh rinsing water is provided.
  15. We are doing our utmost to ensure the safety of every person who stays, dives, and enjoys our facilities.Please remember where we are! If there are any supplies, you feel would ease your mind in these Covid times– please bring them, as we have limited access to many things that you may take for granted!