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Welcome to Flores Komodo National Park

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Join our scuba diving school, hotel & Hostel on Labuan Bajo for daily dive trips or long stay package.

Our hostel is located right next to the ocean and within walking distance to many tourist attractions including the night market.
The facility has 2 buildings , one of them has  7 Deluxe Ensuite private Room and the other has 7 rooms in dorm style from 3, 4 and 7 pax. Both building are surrouding the magnificient pool and friendly area next to the pool bar.
Don’t miss the sunset from our Joglo over the Labuan Bajo harbour.

We are offering a unique and personalized scuba diving service, for daily trips with ultra-comfortable new boat with traditional style (up to 14 pax), a Speed Boat with 400Hp (up to 7 pax) or with a liveaboard to discover a 4D/3N up to 8D/7N Diving Trips in Komodo National Park. Our scuba diving centre is equipped with brand new equipment’s for enjoying one of the most beautiful scuba diving place in the World: The Komodo National Park.

Dragon Dive Komodo also features an ocean view Joglo “our cinema”  one huge swimming pool complitely adapt for all scuba diving training, and SSI – ADIP – CMAS certified dive shop. Our staff is PADI/SSI & CMAS certified instructor.

We are a new facility with brand new rooms and beds located right on the main street in Labuan Bajo.
Enjoy our Pool & Garden view and relax with friends on our bean bags for drinks, free WIFI and much more.

We provide an “friendly atmosphere” to meet people for an amazing stay , for scuba diving and visiting Flores and Komodo islands.

There is an amazing and huge variety of fishes, breathtaking and untouched coral reefs, big fishes hunting actions, and pelagic fishes at nearly every dive sites around the Komodo National park will make your dives remarkable. You will also be able to observe numerous whitetip and blacktip reef sharks and with a little bit luck you can encounter bigger sharks like the Grey Shark and the Hammerhead Sharks !

Scuba Diving the Komodo National park is also a chance to dive with the elegant harmonious Manta ray. With Dragon Dive Komodo, you will be able to meet them all year round to admire their ballet.

Don’t forget that Komodo National Park host famous dive sites such as Manta Alley, Cannibal Rock, Batu Bolong , GPS Point and much more… So let’s go to one of  the best place in the world.

With Dragon Dive Komodo, you will spend your days chilling in the sun, admiring the spectacular views of Komodo ‘s islands, diving with the famous mantas, turtles, sharks, and being ready to spot the macro. During your stay you will travel into “Jurassic Park” to walk alongside the prehistoric Komodo dragons.

Dragon Dive Komodo

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Scuba Diving Komodo

You will find an impressive and an immense variety of fishes, absolutely fascinating and garnished reefs as well as all kinds of predators such as groupers, karangs, tuna or reef sharks. From time to time pelagics such as the famous Mola Mola can be seen in the north of Komodo Park.
All this life will make it an absolutely incredible scuba diving memory. With a little luck you can also cross gray sharks and hammerhead shark!
ne of the main reasons for coming to Komodo is the annual abundance of Manta Rays that will daily perform ballets in front of you.

Scuba Diving Center Hotel, and Hostel

Join us for daily dive trips from our Labuan Bajo based Scuba dive school , Hotel & hostel SSI and CMAS.

We have “specials deals” offerings diving & bed with specific diving room (up to 4 DMTs), only girls dorms or mixed rooms, with a full service of leisure activities related to water sports like diving, snorkelling and wakeboarding.

Don’t forget our private package with our Deluxe room . All of them available on request.

Join us for daily dives from Dragon Dive Komodo Hotel & hostel in the heart of Labuan Bajo with our SSI and CMAS affiliated scuba diving center .

We have a day cruise boat to discover the classic Komodo dive sites and a Speed Boat is available to visit the most remote dive sites of Komodo with 400 hp for a maximum capacity of 7 people.

Scuba Diving Course SSI – CMAS in Komodo

Dragon Dive Komodo is one of the best place in Labuan Bajo to begin your scuba diving adventure or starting your next level of SSI dive courses.

The management and the diving team are an experienced scuba diving team. We are importing our special electronic method who make us a top training dive teachers.

We offered courses in English, Spanish and French all year round.

With our exclusive scuba facilities, pool and tropical garden, you will accomplish in friendly way your SSI/CMAS scuba diving courses and diving one of the most beautiful diving destination in the word!

Open Water Course

The SSI Open Water Diver course is the world’s most popular scuba course, and has introduced millions of people to the adventurous diving lifestyle.

The fun part about this course is … well, just about all of it because learning to dive is incredible and it’s something you’ll never forget.

You breathe underwater for the first time and learn how to become a SSI certified diver.

Advanced Open Water

The Advanced Open Water Diver course helps you increase your confidence and build your scuba skills so you can become more comfortable in the water.

In our opinion Komodo National Park is a perfect scuba diving location to learn how to drift and being prepare for all your next dives under the supervision of your SSI instructor.

Dive Master Course

Easy to say, but Komodo is a perfect scuba diving location to learn to be a SSI professional. You will work closely with your SSI instructor to expand your dive knowledge and hone your skills. SSI Divemaster training develops your leadership abilities, qualifying you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers.

Our hostel own 1 dedicated room for your scuba diving Internship with a “special deal including accomodation” for 6 DMTs at a time !
So be quick to book your bed and be ready for scuba diving the best of Komodo !

Want to find out if you like scuba diving or need to increase your actual scuba diving level ?

Start your SCUBA diving courses with us in Labuan Bajo

Dragon Dive Komodo has the facilities and the resources to suit everybody’s needs for doing all SSI-CMAS scuba diving courses. From the Discover Scuba Diving experience to the Master Scuba Diver rating, our professional, experienced and friendly staff will provide you all needs to make scuba diving as fun, safe and educational as possible.

Start your course online ! It’s free ! 

Why Dragon Dive Komodo

At Dragon Dive Komodo we are offering daily dive trips to explore the most unforgettable diving that Komodo National Parks waters have to offer.

As a certified Diving School SSI & FFESSM/CMAS manage by a French sports instructor’s certificate,  you can be assured you will be safe.

You will be able to dive around more than 30++ amazing scuba diving sites in Komodo national Parc with the brand new gear.

Our advantages :

  • Minimum 2 scuba diving instructors all year round.
  • Briefings with 3D Map
  • Access to isolated diving sites
  • Possibility to have a private guide and boat for the day
  • SSI & CMAS PADI training available
  • High-end equipments and 5mm full wetsuit
  • Sidemount possible for rental
  • Diving computer available
  • Oxygen therapy full set ready on each boat
  • Our fast boat and nautical activities
  • Small group guaranteed (far from 8: 1 on average here!)
  • Picnic day organized on deserted beach
  • Our tropical garden for relaxation
  • Our private masseuse
  • Our pool specially designed for diving 12m long and 3.5m deep

You will discover more than 30  dive sites in Komodo National Park .

ScubaDiving insurance available on site.



Gentle to Hyper strong (full moon stronger currents).

Water temperature

Between 22 – 29 oC (70 – 84 o F)


5 – 40 meters (16 – 98 feet)

Diving season

All year around (December / January Manta Time)

Diving sites

More than 30+

Marine life

Sharks, turtle, MANTA ray, cuttlefish, octopus, scorpion fish and tones of marine species and sort of coral.

Experience level

Discover Scuba Diver to Pro, (better for experience diver)


20 – 40 meters (65 – 120 feet)


Discover Scuba Diver to Pro, (better for experience diver)


“ShiRyu” traditional boat and “Seiya” our Speed boat


Diving from Dragon Dive boats

Surface condition

Discover Scuba Diver to Pro, (better for experience diver)

Dragon Dive Komodo

Book online your complete dive package with us to enjoy and dive the best of Komodo  !

Day trips

Daily Diving for discovering the best of Komodo


Start to be certified diver or just improve your scuba diving skills



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