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Check-Out: 12:00 PM

Cancelation Policies:

Cancellations and Amendments
You should make any cancellations or amendments to your reservation using the same DRAGON DIVE KOMODO channel you booked, either online or by telephone.
All bookings require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure the reservation. 

Terms & Conditions:

Dragon Dive Hotel: TERMS & CONDITIONS Pleasecarefully read our General Booking, Cancellation, Payment, and other Termswhich apply to all bookings with Dragon Dive Komodo. 
 PMA DragonDive Komodo shall be construed to comprise “the Company”, as well asall their affiliates, officers, agents, employees, workers, directors, and representatives.
General booking

  Allcustomers must show proof of diving certification from either PADI, SSI, CMAS,or equivalent certifying organizations if taking part in any non-entry leveldiving activity.If acustomer is unable to provide proof of certification, we will not accept themon board, or they will have to participate in a “paid” intro divewith an instructor.Allcustomers must complete and sign the relevant Liability Release and Assumptionof Risk Form, Continuing Education for all courses made after the Open WaterCertification before commencing any scuba diving activities.
The Companyis not permitted to dispense any medical advice. If you are unsure of a medicalmatter related to diving or otherwise, please seek advice from a certifiedMedical Practitioner before engaging in scuba diving or similar activities.

Uponsigning up for any diving course, irrespective of previous experience ortraining, the Company requires each student to complete a MedicalQuestionnaire. 
The maximumdepth permitted on all Company vessels is 30 meters for Open Water Divers withthe Deep Adventure Dive certification, Advanced Divers, Rescue Divers,Divemasters, and Instructors. Open Water Divers without any additional Deeptraining will not be permitted to dive deeper than 18 meters.

If a diver hasreceived prior Deep Dive training, then the absolute maximum depth permitted is40m.We do notaccept any unguided dives during ALL our Liveaboards. For all our trips, aguide must be present with all participants.
The Companyreserves the right to modify and/or cancel diving arrangements for reasonsincluding, but not limited to:
 • Thenumber of customers scheduled for the trip.• Weatherconditions making the trip to the scheduled destination not possible.
 • Otherensuing technical difficulties. 

 NB:Customers or students who fail to participate in any dives on a trip or anycourse training dives, for whatever reason, shall not be reimbursed by theCompany for any unused or uncompleted portion(s) of the trip or course. 
INSURANCE Diving &travel:
 Customersare strongly advised to secure appropriate travel insurance, with a reputableinsurance provider, applicable to the activities they will be undertaking. Suchinsurance should provide comprehensive coverage of at least the following:Diving, Medical, Travel, Personal Liability, and Cancellation provisions.
TheCompany shall not be held responsible for any resultant financial or personalloss or injury where customers choose not to secure such insurance. 
The Companyshall not accept any liability for the loss or damage of any luggage or diveequipment while on board the boat, nor during the transfer(s) to or from theboat.
KomodoNational Park requires scuba diving insurance for all LIVEABOARD scuba divers.It’s mandatory to have insurance for all scuba divers for the Komodo NationalPark, Banda Sea & Alor trip.   
We areworking with DiveAssure and Dan Asia Pacific, where all our guests can register online and get a 20%discount with our affiliate number. 

 We accept CASH payments in IDR, EURO and USD and Debit/Credit Visa or Mastercard.NB: A feeof 3% shall be applicable for all payments via credit/debit card (VISA orMaster Card) on-site.We do notaccept Paypal, Amex, and JCB cards.The numberof dives in any package is an estimate based on usual diving circumstances andnot a guarantee. Where circumstances arise, such as adverse weather conditions,personal illness, technical difficulties, dive site, closure, or any otherunforeseen circumstances, the number of dives may be reduced. In such cases, norefunds or compensation will be provided.  

 All bookings require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure the reservation.

Cancellation by the customer for Hotel Packages and Diving activities excepted Liveaboard:
If a customer wishes to cancel their booking, the following cancellation fees will apply:
– Any Cancellation will indulge the Loss of deposit (50% of the total booking value).

For the Liveaboard:
If a customer wishes to cancel their booking, the following cancellation fees will apply:
– Cancellation more than 60 days before the scheduled start date: Loss of deposit (30% of the total booking value).
– Cancellation between 40 days before the scheduled start date: 50% of the total booking value.
– Cancellation less than 30 days before the scheduled start date: 100% of the total booking value.
Cancellation by the Company:
 In the event that the Company needs to cancel a trip or course due to unforeseen circumstances, such as extreme weather conditions, technical difficulties, or insufficient bookings, customers will have the option to reschedule or receive full refund of the amount paid. 

 The Company shall not be held liable for any injury, loss, damage, accident, delay, or inconvenience caused to customers or their belongings during their stay, travel, or participation in any activities organized by the Company, unless due to the negligence or misconduct of the Company. Customers are responsible for their own personal safety and well-being during their stay and are required to follow all safety instructions provided by the Company’s staff and guides. 
 The Companyshall not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform its obligationsor delays caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including butnot limited to acts of God, natural disasters, war, terrorism, civil unrest,strikes, government regulations, or any other event that makes it impossible orimpractical to fulfill the booking. 

 These Termsand Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the lawsof the jurisdiction where Dragon Dive Hotel is located. Any disputes arisingout of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to theexclusive jurisdiction of the courts in that jurisdiction. By making abooking with Dragon Dive Hotel, customers acknowledge that they have read,understood, and agreed to abide by these Terms and Conditions.