How to get to Komodo island

Welcome to Dragon Dive Komodo’s ultimate guide on how to get to Komodo Island! Nestled in the heart of Indonesia, Komodo Island is a world-renowned destination famous for its stunning landscapes, rich marine biodiversity, and, of course, the legendary Komodo dragons. As a premier dive center, we at Dragon Dive Komodo are committed to making your journey to this incredible island as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or planning your first adventure, our comprehensive guide covers the best routes, transportation options, and expert tips to ensure a smooth and memorable trip to Komodo Island. Let’s dive in and explore the most efficient ways to reach this breathtaking destination!

How to get to Komodo Island

Komodo National Park is a breathtaking destination located in the eastern part of Indonesia. The park is known for its stunning landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and unique wildlife, including the world-famous Komodo dragons. If you’re planning a trip to Komodo, here’s what you need to know about getting there.

The first step in getting to Komodo is to fly to the nearest major airport, which is Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali. Many international airlines offer flights to Bali from major cities around the world. Once you arrive in Bali, you will need to take a domestic flight to Labuan Bajo, the main gateway to Komodo National Park.

There are several airlines that offer flights from Bali to Labuan Bajo, including Garuda Indonesia, Wings Air, and Lion Air. The flight takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and offers stunning views of the Indonesian archipelago.

By Air

The easiest way to access the Komodo Islands is by flying into Labuan Bajo on the island of Flores and staying in Labuan Bajo for a boat tour or diving activities from there. Because of flight schedules, you MUST arrive a day before your tour and stay a night in Labuan Bajo.

  • Domestic flights :

Daily domestic flights are via Jakarta, Denpasar Bali, Kupang, Makassar, Surabaya and Lombok.

  • International flights :

The quickest and best way to arrive in Komodo is from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, as Labuan Bajo is now an international airport and will open the first route in August / September.