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Komodo dive & stay packages

Ready to come and visit Komodo National Park. Let’s dive with our year-round packages to dive the best of Komodo. All our packages are following the season so you will be able to dive North, Central, and South of Komodo.

We are not mentioning any dive sites as our dive leader will select them following the moon, weather, and tides. We never guarantee any dive sites in advance.

Please note :
The first and last days of your stay are dedicated to facilitating your arrival and departure logistics, and therefore do not include any diving activities. However, we offer optional additional diving days to enhance your diving experience. Feel free to contact us if you would like to add extra diving days to your package.

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Low Season: 1  November – 30 June

FUN DIVING PACKAGE IN KOMODO for 1 diver with 3 dives a day

For 1 paxDouble deluxeDeluxe Pool SideMini – Garden
3D/2N 3 dives/person3,800,000 IDR3,400,000 IDR3,100,000 IDR
4D/3N 6 dives/person6,750,000 IDR6,150,000 IDR5,700,000 IDR
5D/4N 9 dives/person9,720,000 IDR8,920,000 IDR8,320,000 IDR
6D/5N 12 dives/person12,550,000 IDR11,550,000 IDR10,800,000 IDR
7D/6N 15 dives/person15,500,000 IDR14,300,000 IDR13,400,000 IDR
8D/7N 18 dives/person18,450,000 IDR17,050,000 IDR16,000,000 IDR
9D/8N 21 dives/person21,400,000 IDR19,800,000 IDR18,600,000 IDR
10D/9N 24 dives/person23,950,000 IDR22,150,000 IDR20,800,000 IDR
11D/10N 27 dives/person26,850,000 IDR24,850,000 IDR23,350,000 IDR
For 2 paxDouble deluxeDeluxe Pool SideMini – Garden
3D/2N 3 dives6,100,000 IDR5,700,000 IDR5,400,000 IDR
4D/3N 6 dives11,250,000 IDR10,650,000 IDR10,200,000 IDR
5D/4N 9 dives16,440,000 IDR15,640,000 IDR15,040,000 IDR
6D/5N 12 dives21,350,000 IDR20,350,000 IDR19,600,000 IDR
7D/6N 15 dives26,500,000 IDR25,300,000 IDR24,400,000 IDR
8D/7N 18 dives31,650,000 IDR30,250,000 IDR29,200,000 IDR
9D/8N 21 dives36,800,000 IDR35,200,000 IDR34,000,000 IDR
10D/9N 24 dives41,150,000 IDR39,350,000 IDR38,000,000 IDR
11D/10N 27 dives46,200,000 IDR44,200,000 IDR42,700,000 IDR

High Season: 1 July – 31 October 

FUN DIVING PACKAGE IN KOMODO for  1 diver – 3 dives a day

For 1 paxDouble deluxeDeluxe Pool SideMini – Garden
3D/2N 3 dives/person4,900,000 IDR4,500,000 IDR4,100,000 IDR
4D/3N 6 dives/person8,400,000 IDR7,800,000 IDR7,200,000 IDR
5D/4N 9 dives/person11,700,000 IDR10,900,000 IDR10,100,000 IDR
6D/5N 12 dives/person15,000,000 IDR14,000,000 IDR13,000,000 IDR
7D/6N 15 dives/person18,200,000 IDR17,000,000 IDR15,800,000 IDR
8D/7N 18 dives/person21,600,000 IDR20,200,000 IDR18,800,000 IDR
9D/8N 21 dives/person25,000,000 IDR23,400,000 IDR21,800,000 IDR
10D/9N 24 dives/person28,400,000 IDR26,600,000 IDR24,800,000 IDR
11D/10N 27 dives/person31,350,000 IDR29,350,000 IDR27,350,000 IDR
For 2 paxDouble deluxeDeluxe Pool SideMini – Garden
3D/2N 3 dives/person7,400,000 IDR7,000,000 IDR6,600,000 IDR
4D/3N 6 dives/person13,200,000 IDR12,600,000 IDR12,000,000 IDR
5D/4N 9 dives/person18,600,000 IDR17,800,000 IDR17,000,000 IDR
6D/5N 12 dives/person24,000,000 IDR23,000,000 IDR22,000,000 IDR
7D/6N 15 dives/person29,200,000 IDR28,000,000 IDR26,800,000 IDR
8D/7N 18 dives/person34,800,000 IDR33,400,000 IDR32,000,000 IDR
9D/8N 21 dives/person40,400,000 IDR38,800,000 IDR37,200,000 IDR
10D/9N 24 dives/person46,000,000 IDR44,200,000 IDR42,400,000 IDR
11D/10N 27 dives/person50,700,000 IDR48,700,000 IDR46,700,000 IDR


  • Full dive equipment except for the diving computer and lamp available on rental
  • Accommodation, meals on the diving day only, and activities as indicated
  • GST 10% for hotel


  • 15 L  tank available at an extra cost per day.
  • Alcoholic and soft drinks from ” Mabuk Bar “
  • Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner at “Le Resto”
  • Komodo National Park permit fees (per person, per day): 275,000 IDR (Mon-Sat) and 350,000 IDR (Sun & public holidays) – cash only
  • Dragon tour permits (per person) of 265,000 IDR (Mon-Sat) or 340,000 IDR (Sun & bank holidays) and guide fee – cash only
  • Padar Ranger fees



IDR 175,000 per person per day IDR 250,000 per person on Sundays and national holidays



IDR 165,000 per person per day IDR 240,000 per person on Sundays and national holidays



Rinca or Komodo Island - IDR 115,000 per pax - IDR 120,000 guide fee for up to 5 people Padar Island - IDR 15,000 per pax - IDR 120,000 guide fee for up to 5 people



IDR 100,000 per diver per day IDR 50,000 per snorkeler per day

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