Komodo Island Tour

Labuan Bajo is the perfect place to visit if you want to see the world-famous Komodo dragons. Come and see these incredible creatures and discover the beauty of Komodo National Park with Dragon Dive Komodo Island Tour.— Padar Island —Here at Dragon Dive Komodo, we can arrange the classic Komodo boat tour to visit the highlights of the national park. These highlights include trekking to the peak of Padar Island to see a stunning vista and an amazing snapshot of a part of the Indonesian archipelago. After trekking, we visit a pink beach – a surreal experience which can only be seen in seven locations on Earth!After visiting Padar Island and Pink Beach we visit Komodo Island where guests can choose from several hikes of varying difficulty in the hope we can spot one of these amazing animals. Seeing the Komodo dragons is a bucket list experience which draws visitors from around the world. Visit a real-life Jurassic Park and get close to a 3-metre, 70kg reptile – the largest lizard in the world!— snorkeling-diving-rinca-island-komodo —Guests are treated to a healthy Indonesian lunch to recharge before we visit a stunning snorkelling site called Taka Makassar; a beautiful sandbank in the middle of the ocean – an almost impossible sight which can’t be missed. If our animal-obsessed guests are amazed by the Komodo dragons then they are sure to be wowed by the manta rays that inhabit these waters.Komodo National Park is blessed to have a local population of over 1000 manta rays so sightings are very common whilst snorkelling on Manta Point – one of the best places in the world to swim with these magnificent animals!Our final stop is a visit to Kanawa Island for another chance to snorkel in the beautiful coral reefs of Indonesia. Jump into the aquarium and see the underwater beauty from the heart of the coral triangle. For the guests who got a taste of the underwater world and want to see more, Dragon Dive Komodo is the perfect place to get PADI certified.Whilst snorkelling is a great way to discover Komodo underwater, scuba diving is the ultimate way to join the safari yourself.— manta point komodo —As a leading dive operator for more than 7 years in Komodo, we are experienced in delivering amazing memories to our scuba diving guests. Come and join us on a dive trip and get even closer to the amazing marine life in the national park. At Dragon Dive Komodo we offer a range of options for both new and experienced divers, including all of the PADI certifications, a day of fun dives for already certified divers and unique moments such as night dives and liveaboard trips.Contact us now for further information!