Known as one of the richest diving destinations in the world : komodo liveaboard diving

Since 1986, Komodo National Park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site resulting in over 2000 square kilometres of protected wildlife.

Aboard your Shenron Komodo liveaboard, you will enjoy spectacular Komodo island views with its dramatic rugged mountains remembering “The Lost World“.

The Komodo islands are blessed with secluded beaches, crystal-clear waters, and stunning coral reefs. One of the world’s richest & astonishing marine environments, this World Heritage Site has over 260 species of coral, 70 species of sponges, and over 1,000 species of fish, along with marine reptiles, dolphins, whales, and dugongs. Be wowed by the national park’s mid-ocean white-sanded islets, vast coral beds, and the brightest of unbelievable clear blue seas.

Established in Labuan Bajo, Shenron Liveaboard is the best komodo liveaboard budget that offers an unbelievable liveaboard komodo experience. We offer all the facilities such as the hotel and diving centre. In Komodo, expect encounters with pelagic such as the magnificent manta rays, defying eagle rays, explosive reef sharks and mola-mola.

We advise you to prepare your macro lens to spot the endemic and unusual critters such as pygmy seahorses, mandarin fishes, colourful nudibranchs, and all kinds of pipefish and sublime frogfish.
Incredible marine life is around, with bump head parrotfish, napoleon, stonefish, turtles, and grey reef sharks.

A few things to know before planning your trip to Komodo.

When organizing a Dive Liveaboard adventure in Komodo, the initial factor to consider is the duration of your journey.

For those with limited time, a 4-day expedition focused on Central Komodo (Rinca Island, Gili Lawa Darat, Sebayur islands) is the sole choice. While it may appear brief, this is an ideal introduction for first-time Komodo Diving Liveaboard participants, offering a taste of what makes Komodo a dream destination.

If you have 5 to 10 days for your Komodo Dive cruise, you can select from two options based on the season:

During January through March, you have the opportunity to partake in a Central & South Komodo expedition (including Sebayur islands, Komodo Strait, Makassar Reef aka Manta Point, Padar Island, South Rinca). The majority of Komodo’s finest dive sites are concentrated in the southern region of the Komodo National Park.

Between April and December, you can embark on a Central & North Komodo Dive cruise. The northern section of the Komodo National Park also boasts fantastic dive sites, including Batu Bolong, Makassar Reef, Crystal Rock, Castle Rock or Cauldron. Your journey will take you to Sebayur islands, and Gili Lawa Darat, promising awe-inspiring landscapes and seascapes that will leave you enchanted.


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cabin types

With Shenron, you will have a 160 cm or 140 cm top comfort bed in a cabin.
No one will sleep on the deck ( especially during the rainy season)

  • 4 Double Cabins with Private bathrooms. Built-in 2022.
  • One restaurant and a  briefing area
  • Diving Deck
  • Sunset Deck
  • Exterior Lounger
  • Exterior dining Area
  • Private Balcony

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With Shenron, you don’t have to compromise on quality or miss out on the best value for your money. As a recognized diving operator, we offer top-notch services, ensuring your safety and satisfaction throughout the journey. Dive into the wonders of the underwater world, explore breathtaking dive sites, and create unforgettable memories, all while staying within your budget.

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Labuan Bajo (LBJ)

Best time


Dive sites


Water Temp

21°C – 28°C ( South)
25°C – 29°C ( North)


10 – 50 meters

Current Level

Gentle to Strong


Wall – Muck – Pinnacle – Reef


Advanced Diver +

liveaboard diving KOMODO dive sites

liveaboard diving cruise Komodo

Diving Cruise KOMODO| 5 Days / 4 Nights : Explore briefly Komodo National Park

In the morning, our crew will eagerly await your arrival at the airport, ready to transport you to the harbor, where you’ll board the boat. Upon your arrival, a warm welcome awaits you, and the cruise director will provide you with an introduction to the vessel, the crew, and your cabin.

Following this, we’ll hoist anchor and set sail to the west, heading towards Sebayur Kecil Island. Here, you can relish the tranquil surroundings, enjoy the beach, and partake in an exhilarating initial dive to explore the rich biodiversity of the Komodo National Park. As the day progresses, you’ll have the opportunity to savor a picturesque sunset either by paddling or kayaking, or from the boat while enjoying a refreshing beverage. Furthermore, for those interested, there is the option to embark on a thrilling night dive in the evening.

Today, our journey takes us to the magnificent Komodo Strait, situated between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores. This particular region is renowned for its stunning beauty, as the powerful currents that flow through this channel create an environment teeming with a diverse array of coral reefs and their inhabitants. Our exploration will lead us to the renowned dive sites of Tatawa Besar, Batu Bolong, and one dive site in The North, all of which are globally recognized as world-class diving locations. As the day progresses, we’ll continue our voyage, eventually arriving at Gili Lawa Island.
Here, we’ll arrive and relish the breathtaking sunset in the bay, capping off an extraordinary day of underwater adventures.

Our next destination takes us to the northeastern pinnacle of Komodo Island, where we’ll have the opportunity to explore this remarkable region. The boat will gracefully navigate around two enchanting sister islands. Prepare for extraordinary dives at renowned sites like Castle Rock, Crystal Rock, and the Cauldron, which promise unforgettable underwater experiences. Amidst this breathtaking diversity, you can anticipate encountering Mantas, sharks, and sizable schools of pelagic species. Following your dives, you can further relish the tranquility of the area with a sunset paddling or kayaking excursion, when the waters are at their calmest and crystal-clear.

Today promises incredible encounters! We kick off with fantastic dives at Taka Makassar, often referred to as the Manta Point of the Komodo National Park, where you’re virtually guaranteed sightings of Manta rays, sharks, turtles, and various pelagic species. In the afternoon, we step onto dry land on Rinca Island, embarking on a hike with a ranger who will introduce you to the iconic Komodo Dragon in its natural habitat, a creature straight out of the Jurassic era!

As the day draws to a close, we drop anchor near Kalong Island, where thousands of enormous bats, known as flying foxes, take flight at sunset as part of their nightly hunting ritual—a truly impressive spectacle!

As all wonderful experiences must eventually draw to a close, we find ourselves on the last day of our journey. After savouring a final, delightful breakfast, you will proceed with your check-out. In the morning, ample time will be provided for farewells, allowing you to share cherished moments and pictures with your fellow travelers. Subsequently, we will bid our fond farewells, and our dedicated crew will transport you either to the airport or your chosen accommodation in the Labuan Bajo area. Your mind will be brimming with indelible memories, ensuring this experience remains etched in your heart for a lifetime.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that Dragon Dive offers an exclusive opportunity to those who have reserved a night at the Dragon Dive hotel – the chance to enjoy two morning dives. This unique offer enhances your Komodo diving adventure, providing you with extra opportunities for underwater exploration that you will carry with you as lasting memories.

Itinerary of the Liveaboard DIVING KOMODO

DurationDestinationDepartureArrivalPrivate Room ( Per pax)Single Occupancy
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 15 April 2024Friday 19 April 20241,325€1,988€
8D/7NLabuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo (Bima)Monday 29 April 2024Monday 6 May 20242,120€3,180€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoTuesday 14 May 2024Saturday 18 May 20241,325€1,988€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoWednesday 29 May 2024Sunday 2 June 20241,325€1,988€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo (Bima)Wednesday 12 June 2024Sunday 16 June 20241,325€1,988€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoTuesday 25 June 2024Saturday 29 June 20241,325€1,988€
8D/7NLabuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo (Bima)Tuesday 9 July 2024Tuesday 16 July 20242,120€3,180€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoFriday 19 July 2024Tuesday 23 July 20241,325€1,988€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoTuesday 23 July 2024Saturday 27 July 20241,325€1,988€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 29 July 2024Friday 2 August 20241,325€1,988€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 5 August 2024Friday 9 August 20241,325€1,988€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 12 August 2024Friday 16 August 20241,325€1,988€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 19 August 2024Friday 23 August 20241,325€1,988€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 26 August 2024Friday 30 August 20241,325€1,988€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoFriday 6 September 2024Tuesday 10 September 20241,325€1,988€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoFriday 13 September 2024Friday 20 September 20242,120€3,180€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 23 September 2024Friday 27 September 20241,325€1,988€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 30 September 2024Friday 4 October 20241,325€1,988€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 7 October 2024Friday 11 October 20241,325€1,988€
5D/4NLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoMonday 14 October 2024Friday 18 October 20241,325€1,988€
13D/12NLabuan Bajo/AlorMonday 21 October 2024Saturday 2 November 20243,445€5,168€
7D/6NAlor/AlorTuesday 5 November 2024Monday 11 November 20241,855€2,783€
7D/6NAlor/AlorThursday 14 November 2024Wednesday 20 November 20241,855€2,783€
13D/12NAlor/Labuan BajoSaturday 23 November 2024Thursday 5 December 20243,445€5,168€
5D/4N SOUTHLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoSunday 8 December 2024Thursday 12 December 20241,325€1,988€
5D/4N SOUTHLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoSunday 15 December 2024Thursday 19 December 20241,325€1,988€
5D/4N SOUTHLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoSunday 22 December 2024Thursday 26 December 20241,325€1,988€
5D/4N SOUTHLabuan Bajo/Labuan BajoSunday 29 December 2024Thursday 2 January 20251,325€1,988€


  • Nights
  • Air or Nitrox Dives free ( If certified)
  • Transport from – to Komodo Airport
  • 3 Meals daily


  • Equipment ( possible to be rented)
  • Park fees and Islands Fees
  • Nitrox certification ( possible to be done onboard)
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • GST
  • The night before and after the Liveaboard

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