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Our Diving Liveaboard Cruises in Komodo & beyond

If you didn’t already know it, liveaboard diving is the only way to truly experience the more remote and pristine dive sites that exist here in Komodo National Park.
If you can, don’t be a day tripper, be a liveaboard holiday diver, experience relaxation onboard and exhilaration under the water by booking a cruise to the South of Komodo Islands on Vaiatea or Shenron and see why hundreds of adventurer’s divers’ book with us every year.

We also have a team of dive instructors and underwater guides that are 100% guaranteed to impress, we’ve only hired the best and brightest guides with extensive knowledge of the areas in which you’ll be diving and with a safety record of accomplishment that can prove it!

Raja Ampat, Alor & Banda Sea Liveaboards

We are proud to present our new partner: Vaiatea Liveaboard. With this brand new phinisi built-in 2019-2021, you will discover the underwater world of Raja Ampat, Alor, Banda Sea, and a unique diving experience of the Tryton Bay. Vaiatea Liveaboard is an uncommon vessel that lets you explore Indonesia’s most remote scuba diving dive sites in a luxury liveaboard. Vaiatea is one of the very few liveaboards adjusted for rebreather divers & charter groups. With six cabins that include all the modern furniture of a luxury hotel, you will be amazed by all the services, the crew, and the diving experience you will get on board this liveaboard..

Our Liveaboard for Komodo

Shenron is our Dormitory Liveaboard for up to sixteen divers. Shenron will dive around North & Central & South Komodo for 5 days 4 nights trips
It’s also a boat for Private Charter and Groups. It has been made for divers with a minimum of comfort focus only for scuba divers and adventurers. Freshwater, giant resting areas, and chill zone are the success of Shenron.

Dive the best of Indonesia in style with our partner Vaiatea

Vaiatea is a luxury brand new double cabin Liveaboard with a maximum of sixteen divers. You will be able to sail around Indonesia and discover the beauty of Raja Ampat, Komodo, Ambon & the Banda Sea, Alor, Halmahera, and Forgotten islands all year round or on a private charter. This liveaboard is a masterpiece of elegance, technology, and safety. Vaiatea will help you to discover the archipelago in style. All cabins and areas have been made to offer spacious areas for an unforgettable cruise experience.

Liveaboard Diving Videos

Exploring the Best Dive Sites Komodo has to offer!

Pictures can say a thousand words and videos are even better, check out this short liveaboard scuba diving movie made by some amazing guests!

You can also check the other videos on our YouTube channel.