padar island IN KOMODO


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One of the most requested trips is PADAR Island. Located at about 40 kilometers from Labuan Bajo harbor, the journey will generally take 3 hours with our diving boats.

This place looks just like dinosaur country, with rocky hills and giant bays and beaches that stretch out in all directions. A journey in Komodo National park wouldn’t be complete without visiting Padar Island!

The north side of Padar Island even has a pink beach with unique reddish sand that’s become another famous sight for tours in the Komodo National Park most of the time only done by scuba diving companies.

On top of the Padar Viewpoint, the 3 colors beach white, black, and pink will be in front of you. Behind those beaches, you will spot the island of Komodo.

Please bear in mind, that hiking in Padar Island is considered as a medium level that may take up to one hour of fairly steep uphill to complete. Usage of proper trekking shoes is highly recommended.

Departure is around 6.00 am and return will be late afternoon.

Included:  breakfast lunch and snorkeling gear, water tea, and coffee.

padar island komodo 03
padar island komodo
padar island komodo