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PADI Deep Diver Specialty Course IN KOMODO

The PADI Deep Diver speciality is a popular scuba diving course designed to give divers the knowledge and skills they need to explore deeper dive sites safely. In this course, divers will learn about the risks and challenges associated with deep diving, as well as the equipment and techniques they can use to manage those risks and stay safe.

With the PADI Deep Diver speciality, divers can expand their underwater horizons and discover new and exciting dive sites that are beyond the reach of recreational divers. This course is perfect for experienced divers who want to take their diving to the next level, and for those who are interested in exploring wrecks, walls, and other deep dive sites.


The deeper depths of the ocean have always fascinated ocean explorers and becoming a PADI Deep diver will allow you to dive exciting ship wrecks and wall dives that are beyond 18 metres.

In Komodo it will open the door of many amazing dive sites only accessible for deep diver .


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