Indonesia’s most famous Pink Sand beaches !

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pink beach

Pink beach is located on the island of Komodo Island and on Padar (Yes we do have 2 of them 😉 ). This beach is probably the most famous and most instagramable place in Indonesia thanks to its reddish sand color and turquoise water surrounding a great coral reef. It’s pretty easy to visit and it’s just located at 3.30 hours from Labuan Bajo using our comfortable boats. One of the most requested trips is PADAR Island. Located about 40 kilometers from Labuan Bajo harbor, the journey will generally take 3 hours with our diving boats. On Padar pink beach the color is lighter than on Komodo island.

Why is the sand Pink?

Pinks beaches are getting their color from the foraminifera, which are red organisms that live on the coral reef and are washed up on the beach.

Komodo pink beach is included in our Komodo Snorkeling tour where you will see Komodo dragon, pink beach, manta point, and another secret spot.

Departure is around 6.00 am and return will be late afternoon.

Included: breakfast lunch and snorkeling gear, water tea, and coffee.

pink beach komodo
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