How to choose your diving wetsuit Learn how to enjoy your dive 

Update February 2024: we update the listing of the best wetsuit ( we use many sources and our own experiences)

Scuba diving in the water around 30°C would allow almost all divers to stay 60 minutes in a 3mm shorty.

The tropics’ club ranges often use these models, which are robust and efficient enough for the climate. When it comes to cruises where the water can go down to 20° on some sites like here in Komodo, it is imperative to have adapted equipment.

Therefore, we have prepared a small summary of wet suits for your next trip to Komodo on the eve of the sales and the diving show.

Wetsuits offer protection and an insulating layer on the body, especially when you dive in cold/warm waters. They trap a small amount of water against the skin. Your body will warm up this water, which in turn warms you up during the dive. Hence the importance of the material and especially the size.

The 7 points of selection of your diving wetsuit:

 The cut

It would be best to have the cut that suits you best, which means finding a suit that is neither too loose nor too tight. If it is too large, water will continue to enter the wetsuit during the dive. Therefore, the body-water heat exchange will not be efficient. If it is too tight, you may have problems breathing (watch out for syncope with the suit too tight!). The right wetsuit should hug your curves in all areas and feel like a second skin (not too tight!). Remember that wet suits are more “tight” when dry than wet.



The thicker the suit, the warmer it will be. The thickness of the wetsuit determines how long a diver will stay warm while underwater.

Neoprene keeps cold water from entering and disturbing the temperature of your suit. Depending on the water temperature, wetsuits are often categorized under different neoprene thicknesses: 3 mm, 5 mm, and 7 mm.

Wetsuits are often thinner on the arms, legs, and shoulders and thicker on the chest and back. As a general rule, the thinner the wetsuit, the more flexibility of movement allows but less warmth and buoyancy.

You can wear 3mm wetsuits when diving in waters between 27 and 30 degrees.

The 5mm wetsuits are ideal when diving in waters between 23° and 27°. You can wear the 7mm wetsuit when diving in areas where the temperature drops below 20°.

Professionals who dive all year round are often in 5 mm + a top under 3 to 5 mm… This makes a great thermal protection but don’t forget that the heat loss is by the feet, hands, and HEAD. So the hood can be a solution in addition to your suit.


The shorty is a short wetsuit ideal for summer diving when the water is above 24°C, which has cut-off arms and legs. Long wetsuits are for scuba diving in cold water around 15 to 26°C. Another one used for cold water is the Drysuit for dives around 4-15°C.


Just like any other diving equipment, a wetsuit should be made to last. Ensure the suit is well sewn on the inside to support the seams, which can prevent holes from forming. Side panels can also reduce the restriction around the chest, making for an unpleasant diving experience. We recommend speciality brands to avoid surprises for newcomers. Brands like Beuchat Mares or (in our opinion, the best by far) BARE or 4 Element should be the only brands to consider.

A saving of 10€ can be catastrophic on the choice of your suit.


Your comfort and thermal comfort underwater should be your priority when buying a wetsuit. To avoid ruining your vacation, stick to the leaders who specialize in wetsuits. I only believe Oneil (3mm) is ideal because it is very flexible such as the Bare 5mm sport flex!
Beuchat also has an excellent Wetsuit for 7mm. All other brands are not durable.


We recommend you select a Gender Wetsuit if you need to buy one. Gender is essential in choosing the right wetsuit. The manufacturers have recently put on the market men’s and women’s cuts. Mixed suits are honestly not very suitable for women. Women have curves and bumps that men do not. The cuts are very efficient today and allow greater comfort.

A small video explaining how they make a scuba diving wetsuit :

At Dragon Dive Komodo, we have the ScubaPro club range, and we have 3 mm, 5 mm Men and Women.

The Best Scuba Wetsuits in 2024

A) Aqualung MEN 3mm : hydroflex
aqualung hydroflex femme 1

B) Aqualung Lady : 3mm hydroflex

aqualung hydroflex homme 1

C) Bare velocity 5mm: Homme (PICK STAFF)

bare velocity homme 5mm 148x300 1

C) Bare Nixie 5mm femme

bare nixie femme 5mm 121x300 1

D) Cressi Morea Homme 3mm

cressi morea homme 105x300 1

D) Cressi Morea Femme 3mm
cressi morea lady 114x300 1

E) RF1 Men’s warm water Wetsuit

fourth element rf1 wetsuit

Have a nice dive, and see you soon for more articles.

More information about diving in Komodo is here.