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Crafted and tailored to Sulawesi’s culture, the renowned Shenron liveaboard allows you to explore the finest “faraway waters” of Indonesia in harmony and with utmost respect for nature. Our philosophy is to offer a unique diving experience by providing a premium liveaboard accessible to all. With its sleek and modern design, the Shenron liveaboard combines everything you desire for an unforgettable liveaboard adventure.

Shenron is a charming wooden vessel known as a Phinisi, a traditional and beautiful Indonesian classic crafted from ironwood, designed to explore the majestic underwater world of the Indonesian archipelago.

We provide all the amenities for your comfort on board, ensuring your utmost satisfaction. We believe that exquisite services make all the difference. These personalized services and our undeniable knowledge of Indonesian waters set Shenron apart from other dive liveaboards.

Discover the inspiring, zen, and unique atmosphere of our Shenron dive cruise!

Welcome aboard.


Shenron sails to the most breathtaking diving sites in Indonesia. Our Phinisi embodies the spirit of ancestral traditions, equipped with contemporary design, technology, comfort, and safety measures. We offer all our clients the essence of Indonesia and a unique opportunity to experience scuba diving in the Indonesian archipelago.
A liveaboard journey in Indonesia allows you to explore over 17,000 islands and diverse sub-climates. As Indonesia is vast and diverse, our expertise allows us to offer the right destination combined with the perfect season.

The liveaboard cruise in Komodo and East Flores, with Rinca, Padar, Alor, and more, is our favorite destination from April to November. Get ready to dive into its crystal-clear waters, pink beaches, and well-preserved coral reefs.

Known as the Ring of Fire or Spice Islands, the Banda Sea, with its island jewels and hammerhead sharks, is considered the best place to sail in October/November and April.


We drew inspiration from the finest phinisis and added our special, unique, and renowned touch. We have custom-built a magnificent wooden phinisi: Shenron, immersing you in the local culture while providing all the modern comforts you need on board. We designed spacious cabins that invite our 8 guests to relish the country they visit.

An indoor dining room was added for comfort during the rainy season, featuring a chef offering a fusion of international and local cuisine. As diving experts, we take pride in having the only Nitrox filling station on our boat, equipped with a top-of-the-line filtration system.

Both an outdoor deck and a sky lounge on the upper deck were added for sunbathing, relaxation, and enjoying island views. With our unique experience since 2009 in Indonesian waters, we’ll offer you an extraordinary diving experience, fulfilling your days in what we consider some of Indonesia’s most spectacular spots.


It’s in Indonesia, the golden triangle of marine biodiversity, where our Shenron diving cruise will take you. In some diving sites like Batu Bolong in Komodo, Hari Lolong in Alor, and around the small islands of East Indonesia, you’ll discover more species than in the entire Caribbean.

Explore the last paradises of the underwater world, including Komodo National Park, Alor, and the Banda Sea, sailing with the Shenron dive cruise.

Embark on an unmatched beauty of some of the most enchanting places on Earth while cruising the paradise seas of Indonesia. Travel Indonesia with our unique cruise experience, traverse stunning landscapes, dive into teeming waters, explore deserted islands, and meet local tribes.

Shenron’s tailor-made itineraries offer the perfect blend of adventure, discovery, escape, dream vacations, and history to satisfy all tastes. Discover ancient trade winds aboard the Shenron cruise and sail Komodo National Park from May to October, Alor and the forgotten island in November and May, and Raja Ampat from December to April.

Below, find a brief description of all our dive cruise destinations that you’ll explore with our Shenron diving cruise.


Located in the Lesser Sunda Islands, east of Bali, Komodo National Park hosts some of Indonesia’s most exciting diving sites. With nutrient-rich currents providing perfect conditions for abundant marine life and breathtaking Jurassic landscapes, diving here is truly exceptional, often compared to Raja Ampat. We can’t decide which is better between Raja Ampat and Komodo National Park!

This highly sought-after destination offers a diverse array of marine wonders, making Komodo a top choice for divers from around the globe. Book your dream diving cruise now and experience the best of Komodo’s underwater paradise.


Nestled between Raja Ampat and Komodo, lies a unique marine diversity surrounding a land steeped in history, spice plantations, hundreds of deserted beaches, caves, and breathtaking landscapes for an unforgettable journey. An archipelago comprising of 11 islands scattered in the central Maluku region, in eastern Indonesia. The historic sites dating back to the early 1600s will take you on a fascinating journey through time.

Prepare to be amazed by the incredible diving experience with pristine coral reefs teeming with marine life. Excellent visibility allows encounters with pelagic species – often in schools – such as hammerhead sharks, giant trevallies, dogtooth tunas, dolphins, and whales. Our secret spot, Gunung Api, offers an exceptional opportunity to mingle with hundreds of sea snakes on Snake Island, located to the south.

Embark on this extraordinary diving adventure in the Banda Sea, where history and marine wonders merge to create an unforgettable and captivating voyage.


This hidden gem is undoubtedly one of the best secret diving destinations in Southeast Asia. Even casual divers can witness over 1200 species, including rare endemic creatures like the rhinopias. Amidst impressive landscapes and towering volcanoes, you’ll also encounter thrilling pelagic action.

Shenron’s cruises to Alor and Flores offer muck dives surrounded by pristine reefs, numerous shark encounters, a World War II wreck, and majestic gardens adorned with hard and soft coral formations. Additionally, we’ll take you to meet the famous inhabitants of Pura Island, who dive from their wooden canoes and explore underwater using handmade diving goggles crafted from wood and glass bottles.

Join us on this exceptional journey to explore the hidden treasures of Alor and East Flores, where enchanting marine encounters and stunning landscapes await you.


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cabin types

With Shenron, you will have a 160 cm or 140 cm top comfort bed in a cabin.
No one will sleep on the deck ( especially during the rainy season)

  • 4 Double Cabins with Private bathrooms. Built-in 2022.
  • One restaurant and a  briefing area
  • Diving Deck
  • Sunset Deck
  • Exterior Lounger
  • Exterior dining Area
  • Private Balcony
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  • Private cabin or dorm bed
  • Bedding & towels
  • Refill reef-safe shampoo & soap
  • All diving or snorkelling
  • Three meals per day
  • Coffee, tea, water
  • Trekking excursions *
  • Dragon Dive Hotel pick up
  • Harbour clearance
  • 15% discount at Dragon Dive Hotel
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  • Komodo National Park Fees *
  • Rangers Fees and any excursions fees
  • Local Tourism Tax *
  • Beer, wine, sodas
  • Staff gratuities (guide & crew)
  • Diving Equipment (dive computer & torch)
  • Fuel Surcharge per itinerary


boat spec Boat Specification

  • Length: 24 Meters
  • Width: 5,5 Meters
  • Materials: Ironwood hull & teakwood finishing
  • Capacity: 120 Tons
  • Building Year: 2017
  • Speed Up to 12 Knots/Hour
  • Engines : 6 Cylinder Mitshubishi 
  • Electricity: 220 V dinamo Marine Neuron 25 kva
  • Backup Electricity Battery Solar Panel 12V
  • Fresh Water: 1.000 Liter
  • Water maker : 5 Ton/ day
  • Navigation: GPS, Compass
  • Communication: VHF Radio
  • 1 Speedboat
  • 2022 renovation upgrade

boat fac Boat Facilities

  • Enclosed dining and briefing room
  • 2 private cabins for 2 people with ensuite bathroom
  • 4 double bed in dorm room with shared bathroom
  • Relaxing top sundeck
  • Air compressors on board
  • Air conditioning in each room

Reserve your Liveaboard now

Please carefully read our General Booking, Cancellation, Payment and other Terms which apply to all bookings with Dragon Dive Komodo.


PMA Dragon Dive Komodo shall be construed to comprise "the Company", as well as all their affiliates, officers, agents, employees, workers, directors, and representatives.


All SCUBA DIVER customers must show proof of diving certification from either PADI, SSI, CMAS, or equivalent certifying organizations if taking part in any non-entry level diving activity.

If a customer is not able to proof or show a certification, we will not accept them on board.

All customers must complete and sign the relevant Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Form before commencing any scuba diving activities.

The Company is not permitted to dispense any medical advice. If you are unsure of a medical matter related to diving or otherwise, please seek advice from a certified Medical Practitioner before engaging in scuba diving or similar activities.

Upon signing up for any diving course, irrespective of previous experience or training, the Company requires each student to complete a Medical Questionnaire.

The maximum depth permitted on all Company vessels is 30 meters for Open Water Divers with the Deep Adventure Dive certification, Advanced Divers, Rescue Divers, Divemasters, and Instructors. Open Water Divers without any additional Deep training will not be permitted to dive deeper than 18 meters. If a diver has received prior Deep Dive training, then the absolute maximum depth permitted is 40m.

We do not accept any unguided dive during ALL our Liveaboard. For all our trips, a guide must be present with all participants.

The Company reserves the right to modify and/or cancel diving arrangements for the reasons listed, but not limited to, those below:
• the number of customers scheduled for the trip.
• weather conditions making the trip to the scheduled destination not possible.
• other ensuing technical difficulties.

NB : Customers or students who fail to participate in any dives on a trip, or any course training dives, for whatever reason, shall not be reimbursed by the Company for any unused or uncompleted portion(s) of the trip or course.

PMA DRAGON DIVE is requesting scuba diving insurance. If you do not have you will be able to book a special one within our partner Dive assure or DAN. Without insurance, you will not be permitted onboard
Such insurance should provide comprehensive coverage of at least the following: Diving, Medical, Travel, Personal Liability, and Cancellation provisions. The Company shall not be held responsible for any resultant financial or personal loss or injury where customers choose not to secure such insurance.

The Company shall not accept any liability for the loss or damage of any luggage or dive equipment whilst onboard the boat, nor during the transfer(s) to or from the boat.

Komodo National Park requests scuba diving insurance for all LIVEABOARD / DAILY scuba divers. It is mandatory to have insurance for all scuba divers for the Komodo National Park, Raja Ampat, Banda sea & Alor trip.
We are working with Dive assure / DAN where all our guests can register online and get a 20% discount with our affiliate number.


Hotel and Daily Dive

A. Inclusions
• Complete Diving gear except diving computer and lamp
• Room if dive and stay package following the duration
• Dive guide or instructor
• Breakfast and lunch on board during diving day
• Soft drinks, water, tea, American/Balinese coffee
• Diving activities (up to 3 dives/day)
• Dive cylinders, weights, and weight belts
• Government taxes

Liveaboard :
A. Inclusions
• Full board accommodation in Deluxe Cabin
• The shore activities/excursions according to the program
• All meals per day
• Soft drinks, water, tea, American/Balinese coffee
• Diving activities (up to 4 dives/day)
• Dive cylinders, weights, and weight belts
• Transfer from/to embarkation/disembarkation airport
• Government taxes

B. Exclusions for Liveaboard and Daily / Courses
• Master cabin supplement (50 USD/person/night surcharge applied to our master cabins)
• Administration/port clearance fee
• National Parks Entrance Fee & Rangers fees
• Fuel Surcharge
• International and domestic air transportation
• Hotels and meals before and after the cruise
• Alcoholic drinks, espresso, cappuccino
• Dive equipment rental (other than dive cylinders, weights and weight belt)
• Nitrox refills
• Travel insurance
• Onboard purchases
• Private tours
• Laundry
• Crew gratuities


We accept CASH payment in EURO and USD and a Debit/Credit Visa or Mastercard.

NB: A fee of 3 % shall be applicable for all payments via credit/debit card (VISA or Master Card) onsite.

We do not accept Paypal, Amex, and JCB cards.

The number of dives in any package is an estimate based on usual diving circumstances, and not a guarantee. Where circumstances arise, such as, but not limited to;

• adverse weather conditions,
• personal illness,
• technical difficulties,
• dive site remoteness/ inaccessibility or personal choice,

and cause a reduction in this estimated number, there will be no partial refund in such circumstances.


Where the customer is negligent or irresponsible and causes any damage to, or loss of property and equipment belonging to the Company, the customer shall recompense the Company in full, to the current market value of any loss or damage.
The customer undertakes to be physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared and fit to participate in the activities they have signed up for. Any resultant injury or discomfort born out of any unfitness shall not provide any ground for complaint or refund.

The Company represented by any of its Instructors, may prohibit an individual's participation on a dive(s), where they are physically, mentally, or emotionally unfit to dive, demonstrate a distinct lack of respect for or handle/harm marine life, consume alcohol between dives, or fail to abide by general international safe diving standards and practices.


Private Charters - a 50 % deposit of the agreed price of the charter must be paid for the booking to be fully confirmed.
Payment of the full amount must be paid 7 days before departure.

Once the booking is confirmed by receipt of a deposit, the deposit is non-refundable in the event of any cancellation.

Package Liveaboard & Hotel must be paid in full.

Full payment must be made at the time of booking if the reservation is made less than 90 days prior to departure.


• The Company will refund all funds paid by the customer where the Company itself cancels a trip or course. The Company shall not accept any financial responsibility for any itinerary changes or cancellations resulting from circumstances outside of the Company's control, such as, but not limited to, those stated above in the payment section. In the case of a refund, bank transfer fees will be deducted from the refund.

• If a customer requires emergency evacuation and the boat must return to land, the Company shall not accept any financial responsibility for any ensuing itinerary changes.

• The outstanding balance for all Tours or Private Charters booked must be paid in full to the Company before the time the trip is due to commence. The outstanding amount will also be non-refundable where a cancellation is made less than 14 days before the time the trip is due to depart, or the customer is a no-show on the day.

• In case of a mechanical issue, we will not refund the trip and we engage our responsibility to try to find an alternative and/or managing to fix the boat.

NB: DIVEASSURE insurance is covering the mechanical issues in the Dive & travel Plan.

• Less than 14 days (fourteen days), payment in full must be paid.

• between 29 days and 14 days, 75% of the full amount must be paid

• Above 30 days, 50% of the full amount must be paid.


A. Schedules and Itineraries
All scheduled cruises that are still available can be booked as full-boat charters.

B. Free of charge passengers

a. Vaiatea: A group, defined as a minimum of eight up to twelve (12) passengers qualifies for one (1) free of charge space. A full boat charter, defined as twelve
(12) passengers, qualify for one (1) free of charge spaces.
The full-boat charter rate is calculated at the lowest published room rate per person and includes all cabins.

C. Schedules and Itineraries

All scheduled cruises can be booked as full-boat charters. There are certain changes to the scheduled itineraries allowed by the chartering customer subject to prior arrangement and approval by PMA DRAGON DIVE .

D. Unscheduled Full Boat Charter Destinations and Itineraries

Unscheduled Full Boat Charter can be arranged with the approval of PMA DRAGON DIVE followed by the conditions such as:
a. A charter deposit to be paid as set out in Clause 6.5.
b. A mobilization/demobilization fee will be added to the total cost of the cruise depending on location. The price of this fee will be dependent on the location of the charter and will be given to the
client prior to the due date of the deposit.
c. All domestic airfares and transportation costs will be paid by the customers at the published rate.

E. Charter Deposit

A non-refundable deposit of 50% will be applied. Deposit payment must be sent in 10 days after the booking is made. The received deposit cannot be applied to different bookings.

F. Cancellation & Payment Policy

PMA DRAGON DIVE shall receive 25% of the total invoice 180 days prior to the cruise departure and this amount is non-refundable. 90 days before the cruise departure, full payment of the remaining amount should be paid.

In the absence of an official cancellation within the limits set on the invoice, PMA DRAGON DIVE reserves the right to request the outstanding payment and interest equal to 10% of the outstanding amount.
No cancellation or alteration can be made to a full boat charter other than alterations to the passenger list once the initial deposit has been received.


A. Cancellation for Reasons Caused by the Customer
PMA DRAGON DIVE reserves the right to cancel a booking if actions on the customer’s part give justifiable cause to do so. In such instance, PMA DRAGON DIVE will refund any payments already made. Further claims against PMA DRAGON DIVE will not be entertained.

B. Force Majeure and Unpredictable Acts of Man
PMA DRAGON DIVE reserves the right to cancel a trip for reasons of Force Majeure (i.e. natural disasters, epidemics, etc.) or unavoidable acts of man (i.e. war, riots, strikes etc.). In the event of this happening PMA DRAGON DIVE will advise you at the earliest possible date.

C. Trip Cancellation by PMA DRAGON DIVE due to unforeseen circumstances
If PMA DRAGON DIVE cancels a trip due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances a cruise voucher will be offered to the Client (directly or via Agent). If a trip is canceled and the customer is already in Indonesia alternative holiday arrangements of an equivalent standard will be offered by PMA DRAGON DIVE. PMA DRAGON DIVE will not be liable or responsible for any further claims and shall not be liable for damages or loss (other than a cruise voucher) if a trip is canceled and alternative arrangements are not accepted.


PMA DRAGON DIVE will not liable to refund any money when the client interrupts a trip. In cases of emergency such as personal illness or accident, PMA DRAGON DIVE will assist in all necessary arrangements for the customer’s return travel.
For such cases, we strongly recommend travel (“cancel for any reason”) & medical insurance.


In the case of damages resulting from illness, personal injuries, or death which may be sustained by reason of, or while engaged in, any trip whether due to the ownership, maintenance, use, operation, or control of any aircraft, helicopter, automobile, bicycle, boat, vehicle, hotel, common carrier or any other conveyance used in carrying out these trips, PMA DRAGON DIVE assumes no liability due to any cause whatsoever whether caused by failure or delay or other irregularity, acts or omissions occurring during a trip under which the means of transportation or other service provided thereby is offered or supplied by owners, operators or public carriers for and on behalf of PMA DRAGON DIVE.
PMA DRAGON DIVE shall not be responsible for any injury to a person (whether or not resulting in death) or damage to property arising out of any act of war, insurrection, revolt, or other civil uprising or military action occurring in the countries of origin, destination or passage. In case of a medical problem arising during the voyage, either on-board or onshore, which results in costs for evacuation, use of aircraft, or repatriation, the responsibility for payment of these costs belongs solely to the passenger.

LOSS or DAMAGE to personal belongings

PMA DRAGON DIVE does not take any responsibility for loss or damage to guest’s personal belongings that are due to Force Majeure clauses.

By paying the deposit, the client certifies him/herself does not have any mental, physical, or other condition or disability that would create a hazard for him/herself or other passengers. PMA DRAGON DIVE reserves the right to cancel or withdraw any person as a member of the tour at any time.


PMA DRAGON DIVE does not guarantee a refund or exchange on trips purchased that are canceled or are rescheduled less than 4 weeks before the original date/time, as a result of “force majeure.”

“Force majeure” means any event which PMA DRAGON DIVE could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid.

Such events may include, but not limited to;
• war or threat of war,
• riot,
• civil strife,
• terrorist activity or threatened terrorist activity,
• industrial dispute,
• natural or nuclear disaster,
• adverse weather conditions,
• tsunami,
• earthquake,
• worldwide / local pandemic situation,
• fire

and all similar events outside PMA DRAGON DIVE’s control. In the event of a cancellation or rescheduling due to force majeure, PMA DRAGON DIVE will accommodate you at subsequent departure when possible.

Additional to be paid on arrival and can be changed without any notice

Port Clearance Fuel Surcharge National Park Fee
Alor €75 € 50 / trip
Alor & Komodo €75 €150 € 50 / trip - € 20 / day
Alor & Forgotten Islands €75 €250 €100 / trip
Alor & Banda Sea €75 €250 €75 / trip
East Flores & Alor €75 €150 €75 / trip
Komodo National Park €75 € 20 / day
Komodo & Flores €75 €150 € 20 / day
Komodo & Bima €75 € 20 / day
Banda Sea €75 €250 € 75 / trip
Raja Ampat & Banda Sea €75 €250 € 100 (1-year dive permit)
Raja Ampat €75 €150 € 100 (1-year dive permit)

Rental Gear Price per day Price per 12 D Trip
Regulator € 10 € 85
BCD € 10 € 85
Computer € 10 € 60
Torch € 10 € 60
Wetsuit, Fins, Mask and Snorkel € 15 € 100
15 Liter Tank € 20 € 200
NITROX refill € 20 € 200
PADI Courses incl. Certification
Nitrox Dry Course Free*
AOW € 350 on request
Deep & Night only € 150 on request
Laundry only (no ironing) € 1 / piece
*customer will have to pay the padi fees for the nitrox.