Sustainable SCUBA diving practices

Sustainable SCUBA diving practices should be used at any dive site around the globe; with the amount of divers we have visiting Komodo National park on a daily basis it is of the utmost importance to be sure to follow them and keep our underwater world pristine.  Many areas follow the mantra of “take only pictures, leave only bubbles”.  While this is certainly an important phrase to remember, we have come up with a few additional things for the Komodo diver to think about while visiting the park.

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Be sure to choose a responsible dive operator: Look for one that practices what it preaches both in and above the water.  Try to find one that supports marine conservation efforts and has eco-friendly policies.  Dragon Dive Komodo uses only green-friendly shampoos and soaps in its resort, asks guests to be mindful of their water usage and encourages guests to ensure that lights and air conditioning are turned off when not in use.

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Respect the marine life: Divers of all levels should avoid touching or disturbing marine life. This includes avoiding contact the mantas and turtles that can be tempting but also avoiding bumping up against corals and algae.  Be aware that the beautiful shell that is currently unoccupied could soon become the home of an creature looking for an upgrade.

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Avoid chemical sunscreens: Oxybenzone is commonly used in over 3,500 skin care products worldwide to protect us from the suns harmful effects, but due to a study in 2016 it was found that it is highly toxic to marine corals and other marine life, especially for the juveniles. Dragon Dive Komodo offers reef-safe sunscreen on all of its boats giving you one less thing to worry about packing. You can read our article dedicated to sunscreen and marine life here.

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Do Not Litter: This might sound like an obvious one to most but be sure to make sure any wrappers that you may have brought on board make it to the trash bins available on the boat. Sometimes they get left on tables and accidentally blow into the ocean. Also, when removing rubbish from the ocean, have a quick look to make sure nothing is currently living in it that could potentially be harmed, or harm you.

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Do Not feed the marine life: feeding the marine life effects the animals feeding habits and behavior, potentially making a harmless shark more interested in you than it might otherwise be. Here in Komodo we don’t feed any of the sharks or rays to give you the safest, and most natural experience possible.

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Work on neutral buoyancy: Having good buoyancy control not only prevents you from bumping into corals and rocks causing damage to you and the reef, but also helps you enjoy your dive experience more and is better for your air consumption.  If you have any questions for tips and tricks feel free to reach out to any of the Dragon Dive Komodo Diver Masters or Instructors.

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Get educated: Try and take the time to lean about the environment you are going to be diving in. Things to look out for, and what species you might encounter that one should be more mindful of.  If you see an endangered species during your dive, let the Dive Masters know so they can take note of it, and follow up with one of our marine scientist who might be studying their populations.

Dragon Dive Komodo is committed to not only our customers but also to the environment, we are continually trying to improve our practices from moving to solar panels on boats, managing our hotel uses as well as helping people learn what it takes to be a sustainable diver.  Every bit helps!