Top 6 most dangerous marine life

top 6 most dangerous marine life

Top 6 Most Dangerous Marine Life you will encounter on a Tropical Reef. When we travel to a tropical destination, we often face dangers like untreated tap water, dengue and malaria from mosquito bites, or extreme sun exposure. However, scuba divers also face risks while scuba diving. Diving in different environments can present unique hazards, […]

Mandarin fish

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The beautiful Mandarinfish The Mandarindish (Synchiropus splendidus) is a photographer’s dream. Very shy and difficult to observe, it is one of the most beautiful fish that can be found in our oceans. Specifications  of mandarin fish Mandarin Fish belongs to the dragonet family. They measure up to 6-7cm and have a lifespan in their natural […]

Manta Rays in Komodo

manta point komodo

  Manta Rays in Komodo, Indonesia Essential facts for your manta ray encounter – the majestic gentle giants of the sea   Gliding elegantly through the sea, manta rays are a sight to behold. Measuring 4-7 meters, diving with manta rays can be intimidating. But despite their jaw-dropping size, they are docile creatures that will […]

Reef Safe Sunscreen : why and which one to choose

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Choosing a reef-safe sunscreen that respects the oceans As you approach your visit to Indonesia, you are wondering about sunscreen! An invisible scourge, not talked about enough.  DIVERS is a VERY IMPORTANT subject. We believe that article is less fun, but as a scuba diving center and responsible individual, you must know and share the […]