Expert Tips: How to Choose the Perfect Diving Lamp

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Choosing the right dive light To restore their magnificent colors to corals and fish, or to orientate yourself during night dives or in caves or wrecks, you must find a way to illuminate your surroundings. Whether day or night, a suitable dive light is always helpful. There are many models and a wide range of […]

Padi Drift Dive : Courses

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Drift diving – Move without moving   Have you always dreamed of flying? Do you love spending time underneath the surface? A perfect solution is there for you: drift diving. Let yourself be carried by the current and relax. On these dives, the only thing you need to do is relax and enjoy the show, […]

PADI Deep Diver Course in Komodo : What to expect

PADI Deep Specialty: What is it about

PADI Deep diving speciality – Pushing back the boundaries    The deep diving speciality is one of the most popular specialities offered by PADI. It is a perfect choice for divers who want to push their limits and explore new areas and deepen their knowledge, both in theory and in practice. You will be able, […]