PADI VS SSI VS RAID : Which one is the Best diving organization?

which organization to choose

Want to be certified but don’t know what the differences are between the diving organization Before starting scuba diving, you must select a destination and dive centre. Most diving organizations train instructors and offer scuba diving courses.  Before starting your courses, you will have a lot of offers from PADI, SSI, NAUI, CMAS, SDI, etc… […]

how to be a good dive buddy

dive buddy 1

How to be a good dive buddy How to be a good dive buddy Scuba diving is not a solitary activity, and from your first steps, or rather fin kicks, of divers, you have heard about the importance and made the pair with a buddy during your dives. Each diver simultaneously has a buddy, so […]

Reef Safe Sunscreen : why and which one to choose

creme solaire

Choosing a reef-safe sunscreen that respects the oceans As you approach your visit to Indonesia, you are wondering about sunscreen! An invisible scourge, not talked about enough.  DIVERS is a VERY IMPORTANT subject. We believe that article is less fun, but as a scuba diving center and responsible individual, you must know and share the […]

Become a scuba diver

become a scuba diver

BECOME A SCUBA DIVER: JOIN THE TRIBE Six Reasons to become a scuba diver: why you should get your diving certification Six reasons why you should get your diving certification to make your life more fun! Do something exciting, be a certified diver! Even though all the diving gear may seem complicated, the only thing […]