The Top Diving Lights for Scuba Diving in 2023 | Dragon Dive

Kraken hydra-5000s

Best lights for scuba diving The best video lights for underwater diving and photographers : During a dive, ambient light and filters cannot work miracles to counter the absorption of light by the surrounding water. Videographers must rely on one or more submersible lights to restore the underwater world to its true colours and beauty. […]

Best reflex dive camera in 2023

best reflex dive camera

Guide to the best SLR cameras of 2021 for scuba diving Although hybrid cameras are of excellent quality, the old standards are still resisting and have outstanding arguments to defend themselves and remain at the top in 2021. Whether it is for the quality of the images (although the gap is gradually closing), the choice […]

Encounter Manta Rays in Komodo | Dragon Dive Komodo

manta point komodo

Dive with Manta Rays in Komodo, Indonesia Essential facts for your manta ray encounter – the majestic gentle giants of the sea. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring realm of manta rays as you explore the pristine waters of Komodo, Indonesia. These majestic gentle giants of the sea captivate divers with their elegance and presence. In […]