Choosing the Right BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) for Your Diving Adventure

When it comes to selecting the ideal BCD for your diving needs, it’s essential to understand the key differences between the available options. Whether you’re a first-time BCD buyer or looking to switch to a different model, this article will provide insights into the choices at your disposal.

1. Jacket-Style BCDs: The Standard

how bcd works while scuba divingMost divers are familiar with jacket-style BCDs, the most commonly used type on the market. At Dragon Dive Komodo, we primarily use jacket-style BCDs in our dive center. These BCDs are known for their versatility, available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes.

Jacket-style BCDs distribute air around the waist and chest, allowing you to stay vertical at the surface and easily float on your back. They come equipped with pockets for accessories, eliminating the need to dangle equipment, ensuring you look like a Christmas tree underwater.

One notable feature is the built-in weight system, with lead pockets around the waist or on the back, helping to maintain proper positioning during the dive. However, achieving a completely horizontal “trim” position, with shoulders level with legs, can be more challenging with these BCDs, affecting your hydrodynamics and increasing air consumption.

2. Wing-Style BCDs: Precision and Hydrodynamics

side mount bcd in Komodo



Wing-style BCDs offer a unique advantage in achieving a perfect hydrodynamic position, similar to a skydiver. They position the air in the back, allowing for a pleasant and horizontal diving experience. These BCDs come in various types:

  • Hybrid BCDs:

Combining the comfort of a traditional BCD with the precision of a wing.halcyon infinity bcd

  • Harness, Backplate, and Wing BCDs:

Designed for technical dives, featuring customizable components for longer and deeper dives with decompression stops.

bcd 2022Wings come in different shapes, such as doughnut or horseshoe, allowing for free air circulation or closure at the bottom. Less common is the “peanuts” shape, with the inflator located higher above the left-hand shoulder.

Backplates used in these systems are customizable and come in various materials, such as aluminium, steel, or carbon, to suit different diving conditions. You can also select different shapes to decrease weight.

Weight systems on these BCDs are adjustable, allowing you to add hip weight pockets, trim pockets on the backplate, or pockets on the tank straps. This versatility makes them suitable for various diving styles, including tec, twin tank, or rebreather.

3. Sidemount BCDs: Specialized Configuration

peanutA less common but specialized BCD is the sidemount BCD, designed for the unique setup of tanks strapped to one or both sides of your body, along with a dorsal weight system to enhance trim. However, this configuration does not allow you to strap a tank to your back.

Backplate and harness systems generally follow a consistent style, whereas recreational BCDs offer a wide range of colors, sizes, and features, catering to diverse preferences and comfort levels.

Choosing the Right BCD for You

Here’s how to select the BCD that suits your needs:

Consider Your Gender:

Manufacturers now offer gender-specific models, tailored to the anatomical differences between men and women, providing better weight support and comfort.

Determine Your Dive Types:

Your choice should align with the types of dives you plan to undertake. For cold-water dives, ensure your BCD has sufficient lift capacity to accommodate thick wetsuits or dry suits. Warm-water destinations favor lighter and easily manageable models.

Plan for Travel:

If you’re a holiday diver, consider a travel-specific BCD, designed to be lighter and more compact for easy storage. Traditional BCDs offer comfort, and storage pockets, and are suitable for cold-water dives.

Weight System:

Consider the weight system that best suits your needs. Some BCDs feature integrated weight pockets with quick-release mechanisms, while others require a weight belt. Ensure it can accommodate the weight required for your dives.

With this information, you can confidently select the BCD that best complements your diving adventures. At Dragon Dive Komodo, we offer a variety of BCDs for you to try, so feel free to contact us and experience them firsthand.

Your next dive awaits!